Rooted Therapies offers coaching services to help individuals develop healthy and helpful ways to navigate life, define goals, create a successful plan based on their unique gifts and strengths, and provide structured accountability and support to achieve their desired solutions.

Areas Of Specialization Include

Areas Of Specialization Include

  • Adult Transitioning
    Transitioning into a new job, retirement, or illness-related changes.
  • Family
    Vision planning for a happier and healthier future.
  • Addiction Recovery
    Learning to heal through addiction, trauma and setting boundaries.
  • Blended Families
    Creating harmony in relationships for parents, siblings and family.
  • Pre/Post Divorce
    Transitioning & recovery for individuals and families.
  • clinical-supervision-edmr-support-consultingClinical Supervision
    Consulting and supporting clinicians who are training or trained in EMDR.

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