Lisa Rowe, owner of a therapy practice, in a blue dress standing before a colorful floral backdrop in North Port, Florida.

Rooted Therapies is a cornerstone of support in North Port, FL, offering tailored counseling services that navigate individuals, families, and couples through life’s complex challenges. Their compassionate approach provides a safe space for therapy and focuses on empowering clients toward growth, healing, and fulfillment in their lives.

With a broad array of services including couples therapy, family counseling, and individual therapy, Rooted Therapies addresses various needs such as self-esteem, communication, and trauma. They are dedicated to helping their clients find stability, renew for growth, and realign with purpose, making them a beacon of counseling in North Port, FL.

About Rooted Therapies

Rooted Therapies stands as a sanctuary for those grappling with life’s trials at the heart of North Port, FL. Led by Lisa Rowe, MSW, LCSW, CPLC, the practice is renowned for its compassionate and holistic approach to mental health. Specializing in a diverse range of services from individual therapy to addressing generational trauma, Rooted Therapies is committed to fostering healing and growth. Their unique offerings include the innovative Salt Therapy at Salt and Light Holistic Spa, which combines the therapeutic properties of salt with a serene environment to enhance the healing process.

Comprehensive Services Offered

  1. Counseling and Coaching: Tailored to individual needs, focusing on overcoming personal challenges and enhancing life skills.
  2. Specialized Child Therapy: Targets specific issues such as ADHD, aiding children in better managing school and social environments.

Couples and Family Counseling: Designed to strengthen relationships and resolve conflicts within family dynamics.

Rooted Therapies prides itself on its responsive and ethical approach, ensuring that each client receives personalized, confidential care. Their mission extends beyond mere treatment to empowering clients, helping them to discover and harness their inner strengths. This is achieved through a blend of traditional and innovative therapies, including massage therapy, Pilates, and reflexology, all available under the calming ambiance of their holistic spa.

Event Highlights

Invitation to meet your therapist in North Port, FL at Rooted Essentials’ Open House event, with details of date, time, and location.

Rooted Therapies’ open house event, a beacon of support and community engagement, will be held on Wednesday, May 15th, from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM EDT, at the serene Salt & Light Suites, located at 2453 & 2451 Sycamore Street, North Port. This gathering will showcase the comprehensive counseling services offered by Rooted Therapies. For further inquiries, attendees and those unable to attend can contact the North Port Area Chamber of Commerce (NPACC) at (941) 564-3040 or via email.

Community and Client Impact

Rooted Therapies has profoundly impacted the North Port community and its clients through its comprehensive counseling services. The testimonials from those who have experienced their care illustrate the transformative effects of their approach.

  1. Christina’s Journey: Christina praises Rooted Therapies for their deep respect and understanding of each client’s unique journey. They assisted her in pinpointing current challenges and guided her toward a future she desired and deserved, emphasizing personal respect and tailored therapy solutions.
  2. Aisha’s Healing: Aisha, a survivor of trauma, found invaluable support at Rooted Therapies. The therapists helped her uncover the roots of her emotional triggers, paving the way for long-term healing and stability. This approach has been crucial for Aisha and many others in managing and overcoming the impacts of past traumas.

Chloe’s Transformation: Chloe’s experience at Rooted Therapies redefined her perspective on therapy. The therapists enabled her to tap into her own experiences, facilitating healthy emotional changes and personal growth. This method has proven effective in helping clients like Chloe make significant, positive adjustments in their emotional well-being.

These stories highlight the personalized and empathetic approach Rooted Therapies takes towards each client, ensuring they not only cope with their issues but thrive beyond them.


Through its diverse and comprehensive counseling services, Rooted Therapies stands out as a pillar of hope and healing in North Port, FL. By addressing a wide array of personal and familial challenges with a compassionate and holistic approach, they have not only provided essential support but have also empowered individuals like Christina, Aisha, and Chloe toward meaningful change and growth. The success of their open house event further underscores their commitment to fostering a strong, supportive community atmosphere, making Rooted Therapies a lighthouse of guidance and understanding for those navigating life’s turbulent waters.

The significant impact Rooted Therapies has had on its clients and the broader community speaks volumes about the necessity and effectiveness of its services. Stories of transformation and healing reinforce the value of their work, underlining the importance of accessible, personalized mental health support. For anyone looking to embark on their journey of healing or seeking to strengthen their relationships, Rooted Therapies offers a path forward. If this speaks to you, take a moment to contact us and discover how we can support your journey towards a better, healthier life.

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