What is codependency?

According to Mental Health America, codependency AKA “relationship addiction” is an emotional and behavioral condition that affects an individual’s ability to have a healthy, mutually satisfying relationship. 

Codependent relationships can exist in any relationship including but not limited to romantic partners, family members, friends, and colleagues. In fact, codependency is a cycle and you might begin to notice a pattern of codependency among your relationships.

5 Common Signs of Codependent Relationships

A person in the relationship…

  1. Consistently puts their needs last, even when it’s detrimental to their wellbeing
  2. Senses the relationship is unhealthy or toxic and continues the relationship out of fear of abandonment
  3. Displays poor communication
  4. Regularly looks for validation and recognition from the other person in the relationship
  5. Tends to distrust themselves and struggles to identify their feelings

If the signs of a codependent relationship remind you of yourself, it may mean that you experience codependency. It’s important to know that codependency typically stems from learned behaviors in childhood. Most importantly, there is hope and recovery is possible. If you’re looking for a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others, it may be time to begin your codependency recovery journey.

Codependency Recovery

Recovering from codependency is hard work. You didn’t learn codependent tendencies overnight and you won’t be able to unlearn them overnight either. You may also make progress only to slip back into old behaviors, that’s normal. The most important aspect of any recovery journey is to keep trying again and again until you are living a life that feels healthy and balanced to you.

How Therapists Can Help Clients with Codependency

  • Therapists can provide psychoeducation about codependency, feelings, and boundaries
  • Therapists use open-ended questions to get to the root cause of codependency
  • Therapists can help chart your progress towards recovery – we’re trained to notice details you might not notice in yourself
  • Therapists are a safe and confidential person with one goal in mind – helping you live the life you desire
  • Therapists can offer support if you ever feel defeated by your efforts to recover and remind you how normal it is to have ups and downs along the way

I’m Ready to Start Codependency Recovery, Now What?

Individuals, couples, and families in the Port Charlotte, Florida area have access to several trained therapists via Rooted Therapies who can walk the recovery journey with you and help you to maximize the impact in your current relationship(s) as well as any future relationships. Our North Port therapists can walk the recovery journey with you, maximizing the impact in your current and future relationships. Rooted Therapies can also offer support to anyone in the state of Florida via telehealth. To schedule a free 15 minute consultation with one of our therapists, contact us!

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